Saturday 2 December 2017

DevOps at Sprint Planning

Today marked a real success for the team as we start to make our way to a more DevOps way of working. Our "DevOps Resource" (read representative of ISS / Sys Admin), sat in with us at our sprint planning meeting.

This allows Shaun to gain the context of each user story that we were going to commit to and promotes buy in, involvement and feeling a part of what the development team is doing.

Importantly, as this is sprint planning, Shaun has an upfront view of these stories, so we will avoid the usual rigmarole of emailing / Skyping as and when we need ISS involvement and the inevitable frustration that arises when a) we can't get hold of them, or b) they do not action our request quickly enough.

As we embark on the latest sprint, we're seeing these ISS tasks either get completed by the first day, or soon after. This has resulted in an improved relationship between the two parties and I believe a sense of empowerment for Shaun.


Long may that continue!